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Mass Hire, Minimal Fuss; How Indeed Hiring Events Will Help You Find the Right Candidates

Introducing: Indeed Hiring Events.

Much unlike the conventional method – sifting through CVs, scheduling interviews across weeks, even months – a hiring day revolutionises recruitment. Not only does it drastically lower your cost per hire, it’s particularly great when you need to fill roles fast. Like opening a new branch, or recruiting seasonal staff.

A bit like a job fair, but for a single company, Indeed Hiring Events are a one stop shop for efficiency. We help deliver outstanding applicants, on your schedule.

How does it work?

Easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. We find the candidates.

The key to a successful event is attracting the right talent. By using the power of the world’s number one job site – where 250 million people look for jobs each month – we’ll provide the candidates to suit your hiring needs.

2. You focus on hiring.

You’re a recruiter, not an events manager. Meet applicants face-to-face, interview them, and employ the best ones on the spot. Leave the rest to us.

3. We track everything.

From scheduling and sign-in to email and text reminders, Indeed automates everything. We’ll even tell you who’s clicked, follow up with no-shows, and reschedule anyone who can’t make it.

It’s also better for jobseekers. Rather than fire their CV into a faceless void, they tell us about their interests, find a role they’re passionate about and book an appointment. They then get to find out what your business is about, learn about the role in-depth and, if they’re the right fit, receive an instant job offer. 

By sourcing incredible candidates while removing the stress, we’ve already helped several companies through Indeed Hiring Events. You just need to provide the venue, and have enough event staff to interview jobseekers (don’t worry, we’ll help you plan when your candidates come in) – so you’re neither overrun by applicants, or have staff twiddling their thumbs.

Reducing the recruitment timetable from many weeks to less than one day, Indeed Hiring Events delivers mass hire, for minimal fuss. 

Interested? Click here for a walkthrough.

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