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6 Steps to Better Recruitment: How Indeed Hiring Events Can Help You

Indeed Hiring Events are a revolutionary way to fill several job roles, fast. By harnessing the power of the world’s number one job site*, we’ll bring you an abundance of top candidates, on your schedule, so you can interview and hire on the spot. 

Click here for an in-depth introduction, or read on for a step-by-step guide.

Step 1: Set your goals

How many people do you want to hire? 

As a very rough rule of thumb, times it by three, that’s your attendee target.  However, please bear in mind that this is variable, based on your own hiring practices and needs. 

Multiply that number by five, and you have your RSVP goal. The reason for this is twofold: you’ll want enough candidates to choose from, while ensuring you have the right number of event staff. 

Every company’s different, of course. Your Indeed Account Manager will help you find the perfect figure.

Step 2: Create your event page

When choosing a location and venue, keep it simple. The branch where your new hires will work is not simply convenient, it’s relevant. How better to give a real sense of your business? If that’s not possible, a nearby hotel conference room – accessible by public transport, ideally with free parking – is a winner.

When creating your event page, detail is your friend. The more the better. From dress code, ID requirements and what snacks are on offer, right through to job descriptions, screener questions and hourly pay. It keeps applicants in the loop, meaning they’re more likely to show up and be successful.

Spread the word. Promote the event page on your website, company mailer and repost often on social media. This’ll raise awareness among people that both are and aren’t aware of your brand. Also, we’ll provide tracking links to help you keep tabs on clicks, and so you can take advantage of automated reminders.

Step 3: Tell 250 million jobseekers**

Use Sponsored Jobs and ITA Apply to promote your event on Indeed. We help people get jobs. Some 250 million people use us every month to find work. Tell our network about your hiring day.

Step 4: Behold the wonders of automation

When candidates sign up, we’ll confirm via email. This RSVP confirmation will provide the date, location and appointment time, with the option to click through to the event page.

We’ll send you daily updates. These will contain up to date info about attendees, how many we expect to turn up, and useful tips for your hiring managers. 

Candidates receive text and email reminders. Our data shows that these digital prompts drive higher attendance to events. Even better – jobseekers like them.

Step 5: Host your hiring day

Manage the event in real time. All your event staff can access a digital sign-in sheet – they just need the email link and a phone, tablet or laptop. The sign-in tool marks off candidates as they arrive, get interviewed and, if they’re good enough, hired.

Reschedule any no-shows. Should you want to, our sign-in tool helps you send automated follow-ups to any candidates who couldn’t make your event.

Step 6: Measure your success; reap the rewards

Post-event, you’ll receive a bunch of data. This helps breakdown RSVPs into individual sources, how many signed-in on the day, even CV links for those who couldn’t attend.  Our automated outreach will also send emails to non-attendees encouraging them to reschedule an interview time. Our data shows following up with no-shows leads to 18% more interviews.

Act fast for great staff. Not all companies want to offer jobs on the spot, but our data shows that waiting longer than a week could undermine trust with your candidates.

Measure your success. Using event metrics – RSVPs, event attendance, number of job offers, how many employed etc – you can optimise your next hiring drive. What’s more,

divide the total cost of your event by the number of new staff – this is your cost per hire. The return on investment will help show how successful hiring events can be to your business.


*comScore, Total Visits, March 2019
**Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, September 2018

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